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                         1991 SETRA KASSBOHRER S 215 DHD


I always wanted a bus since the first time I've got on board of a MCI GreyHound bus with 8V71 Detroit  engine seeing it fly  down the highway and that sound of the power house

From the beginning I want it a MCI or Eagle bus but they were out of the price range or way too old.

Decided on the engine ( 2 stroke Detroit 8V92TA ) and had lots of thinking about the tranny, manual or automatic ? I knew that the old 3 speed Allison automatics were really bad on fuel with not a really good top speed and it will be an RV so it has to be an automatic for the comfort ( at least 4 speed allison ).Couple years a go I almost bought I believe it was 1968 already converted with 4 speed tranny and 6-71 Detroit but what I didn't like was the the previous owner had cats living there so the smell was terrible plus it had bad roof leak in the back bedroom with smashed windows.

That was the stinky 35' bus

Was also thinking of getting flat nose school bus but that would be at the price of sacraficing all the storage below.

The next one that was in the consideration was a 1962 GM 4106 with 8V71 and 4 speed manual, The guy had health problems and bought him self new " Sticks and staples " motorhome. Talking to him he told me that the first gear is almost impossible to get in ones you stopped. The 4106 had new clutch, the waste tank had leak because was made out off wood and fiberglass ( 100 gallon ) so that can't be patched, the front brakes were shot, he had bucket under the engine to catch all the leaks and lived in it full time since 1999 so there was more NO's then YES's.


That's the 1962 GM 4106
My next choice was 1974 40' MCI MC-8 I believe , pls correct me if I'm wrong, with 8V71 and 3 speed allison, tag axle, already with all seats out and ready for conversion.

Don't get me wrong, nice bus and 12 years ahead from the 4106, but my next option was a 1991 Setra Kassbohrer S 215 DHD with 8V92 TA DETROIT and 4 speed Allison.

Already with bathroom on board, 2 sinks and fridge, I guess mini sink and mini fridge.

I had the fear of getting parts since it was Made in Germany but for North American market with the domestic drive train and now owned by MCI.

Most important it has power 4 WHEEL STEERING, yes the tag axle turns with the front wheels, so this thing ( I should give it a name, on the front fascia there's S R A is missing so it says ET, it fits right I think :-) ) turns on a dime.

It was a charter bus here in the Vancouver BC area and the hub odo says 168000 KM. Also drives like it.

Tires are good and this monster cruises at 110 km/h like nothing.

Brought it home couple days a go and my wife totally flipped out but now thanks to friend of mine " Paul " ET is in a dry hangar that I can rent, where I can work on it ( Thank You Paul ).

Here is my ET and lets go and let the challenge begin.

I will be posting pictures with the ongoing progress.



I'm really looking forward to it :-)
Inside the shop where the conversion is going to happen
Just an idea for paint job
Today August 25/2013 me and Roger are removing all the seats, Thank you for the help :-)
Almost all the seats are out, 2 more to go, one I have to cut and the very last one is 2 more bolts

After couple hours of cutting all seats are out, Now I'm out of service after putting a knife thru my left foot.

28/08/13 half of the roof is down, holy smokes that was fun, Germans really made it neat with A/C and heat right in the roof but I need the space so it had to go.
Here you can see the ducts with fans and heater cores and A/C inside, that was the worst to take down
What a mess, but is down :-)
Thank You Chris for helping me today :-)
Here we go again on the passenger side, even worst, because everything loops thru the lavatory
Ducts, fans, half of the pipes down
I had to cut and take the lavatory piece by piece and its not easy since this thing has some serious build quality.
Little by little and never ending cutting and screws
It feels like never ending job
Finally to the floor level, water pipes by-passed and that's enough for the day, next step is cleaning, sorting out the electrical
Soo many wires, but getting there
That looks better :-), my stupid phone taking blue pictures
Finally started framing and still blue
So the A/C condenser and all the cooling fans are out ( will take pic ), the air locking system for all the doors has been removed and all doors repaired so they all open, starting to built cabinets, ceiling almost all done, 4 windows are out, bed is mounted now and staying in place, soon as the windows are covered I will built the wall, bunks and lay the carpet
Finally finished with the windows delete
That's where the A/C condenser was and this is how it looks like after removing it
Cleaned up and rust proofed
Ready for the Generator
Walls for the bunk beds going up and running wires in the walls
Here we go, the kids have beds :-)

Had to put the shower walls in thru the window, that was fun, then it was too high so had to cut it inside the bus, but got it in. The drain and the water lines are in. Both vent pipes are all the way also.

Wiring on the way

Dinette is in, goes into a bed, it was pain trying to get it even with the floor but is in,

Building frame for the black and gray tanks.

The plumbing is getting done, Have to run the 3" pipe to the left side of the bus since all the sani stations are on the left.

Electrical panel and automatic transfer switch

And magically the kitchen and the fridge has apeared :-) I'm was going to put only 2 burner propane top that builts in into the counter top plus induction plate. But the wife wants propane oven and 4 burners so no cutting corners.
Here we go, stove, double sink, the whole fireworks, drain is hooked up, just have to get new tap and hook it up.

Finally started to built the closet, I couldn't look at the empty hole anymore

Complete, next is finishing the rest of the ceiling and put up my flat screen

Another cherry on the cake done :-)

Nice shower door is in and the shower is ready to go, also the heater and water heater ( propane/electric ) are in and working 100 %.My tank level sensors are hooked up and working, bus inverter is working so the fridge and all the 110V stays on, including batterie's charger

With the carpet feels way more like home
I used my Setra sign for the control panel and I think it looks great :-)
Nice and soft carpet with no shoes policy

Took the .bus for the first camping trip to see how's everything working and its all 100 %, no issues and very comfortable beds Still have to put the rest of batteries ( 7 more ) and have to ad solar panels.

Solar panels are installed (200 Watts )and I have to say its a must when you like camping with no hook-ups. Since they were installed I've never started the generator again. I have one more 100W panel that will be put on the roof but more up front on the bus.

It was truly long hours of sending and scuffing.

Finally looking more like a RV, thank you Mark for your help with sending and painting, it was a long week of sending and paint.

I had to get this decal when I've seen it :-)

Solar panel number 3 has been installed. The only reason I've added another one is because last time we went camping and I backed the bus in the camp site the rear of the bus was perfectly under trees ( still worked ) and the front was in the sun plus I couldn't look at it anymore being against the wall in the hallway :-) . 

Cool shot with the bus on the screen how it looked the day I got it.

Never post it picture with the sink in :-)

Hooked up and ready to go camping again :-)

Sold to very nice people